CosFriday – Doofus Creations


Friday!? you know what that means… Cos-Friday!!

What’s your name & how old are you? Doofus Creations, 38

How long have you been cosplaying for? I cosplaying since 2006 I loved watching my cartoons ever since I can remember and have always liked dressing up for fun.

What was your first cosplay? Haha, my first cosplay was Samurai Jack at the very first Supanova in Melbourne.

What is your latest cosplay? Aquaman played by Jason Momoa in the DCU

Are you currently working on a new cosplay? I am working on the full armoured version of Aquaman that will be seen in the upcoming Justice League movie.

Who are your 3 favourite cosplayers? Hmm there’s so much talent out there and everyone seems so amazing so can’t really choose any favourites.

But shout out to my Cosplay Family – my wolfpac. Thor of Oz, Logan-V ,The Melbourne Dark Knight.

Many cosplays planned for the future? I guess i like to surprise my fans on new characters I would be doing.

But I do like bringing back past cosplays that fan favourites request like Brandon Lee’s “The Crow”. That’s one cosplay I’m quite happy to bring back anytime.

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