Beam becomes Mixer


Today Microsoft is celebrating the release of Beam as it evolves to the next part of its life with the new name Mixer!

Beam, an alternative to Twitch, only launched last year was also acquired by Microsoft in 2016. We had largely forgotten about it ourselves until the March/April updates for Windows 10 and Xbox-integrated Beam streaming as part of the dashboard.

As part of today’s celebration for Xbox Australia events will be happening at the Microsoft Store in Sydney as well as others around the world which you can expect to catch on the official Xbox Mixer channel.

Expect to hear more about Beam as it vives for a home with gamers competing against both Twitch and YouTube gaming. Does this mean the Xbox E3 keynote will be a Mixer exclusive in UHD? It would be definitely our guess given the focus on performance + support for 4K streaming but we are also betting on a switch to Beam for Microsoft sponsored eSports such as The Halo World Championship Series.

But what do you think? Do you stream? Will you stick with Twitch or have already moved to YouTube gaming or Mixer? Tell us in the comments down below!