Show Us Your Swag & Win a Funko Collector Corps Box


Do you have a small army of anime statues from Zombster? Do you have a wall of Funko Pops in your room so big you have to wear a panic alarm in case they fall and you are trapped? Do you have the Red Right Hand of Doom on your shelf right next to your Green Lantern Battery?

Then thank Zardu Hasselfrau because also thanks to Funko we have a Funko/Marvel Collector Corps sealed Guardians of the Galaxy 2 box to give away!

That’s right, sealed with that new Funko smell waiting for you to open and enjoy, the box includes:

  • Secret Empire #1 Collector Corps Variant Comic
  • Dorbz Star-Lord with Milano Ride
  • A Collector Corps Star-Lord Patch & Collector Corps Gamora Pin
  • One Collector Corps GotG2 Tee
  • And a Collector Corps exclusive, not available for purchase in stores, Rocket & Baby Groot Pop

Sorry, the T-Shirt size is a mystery even to us inside the sealed box. But even if you can’t wear it you can give it to a friend who will then, of course, owe you a Wookie life debt.

So how do you win? By showing us your swag! Enter through competition form below and show use your Instagram, Facebook or Youtube of your collection. Throughout the competition, we will also be featuring some of the entries via our social media pages (the Winner will be drawn at random so don’t worry if you don’t have the biggest, baddest collection around).

Don’t have a collection but need to win this to start? You can still enter below through sharing the competition to get more entries, putting you one step closer to that sweet, sweet swag.

Competition ends on Friday, June 16th so plenty of time to plan that perfect picture or shoot the Vlog that best shows off your collection!

Protip – Tag your photos with #showusyourswag to show off your collection to others and don’t forget to like our Facebook page so we more easily can tag you if you win!

Show Us Your Swag to Win a Marvel/Funko GoTG2 Collector Corps Box