Creator Spotlight: 5 Questions with Luke from Sons of Obi-Wan


This week’s creator spotlight not only makes lightsabers but movies too, with their latest fan film, Hero, being made in conjunction with Greg Grunberg (Alias, Heroes, Star Wars: the Force Awakens, Star Trek: Beyond) and John Jarrat (Wolf Creek, Playschool).

So take 5 and catch-up the founder of the Sons of Obi-Wan, Luke Boyton.

What are you reading right now? As to reading, I’m currently re-reading the World War 2.0 Series, an amazing alternate history by John Birmingham (He Died With A Felafel In His Hands). Looking at the integration of 21st technology with 1940s tech makes for amazing reading!

Who or what is Hero? Why is it important? Originally, we were contacted by Greg Grunberg (Star Wars Ep 7 and Star Trek) to do a short 10-minute video for his charity to be played on a Netathon in the States. I have some talented mates, so we decided to create a full 15-minute short film in 8K. It was a great way to showcase the talent my mates possess, show the world what we Aussies can do and raise awareness for a good cause!

Apart from your movie what should everyone be looking out for in local Australian Pop Culture? Supanova Sydney on the 16th of June! We are working with the lovely peeps at Supanova to organise a Guinness World Record Attempt for the largest number of people dressed in Star Wars costume. It will be a charity event to raise money for the Black Dog Institute (The 501st Southern Cross Garrison charity of choice, helping those facing depression) and also the biggest nerd party of the year!  

Major prediction for Pop Culture 12 months from now? Interactivity at conventions… Most conventions are becoming gigantic nerd shopping centres. Keep an eye on conventions as they begin to bring more interactive experiences to their events! We hope to be leading the charge in that! There is nothing better than helping someone fulfil their dream of being a Jedi, even for half an hour… it is that sort of thing that makes a convention truly special!

Best last thing you ate? Chinese BBQ pork Crisps….. little pastry delights from Yum Cha… I could eat Yum Cha every day, but those puppies are always in my freezer!

And that’s 5! You can watch Hero in full on YouTube right now (and the teaser below) as part of the Talk About It Epilepsy Netathon that was held last week in the US! And, you can also visit the Sons of Obi-Wan Hero Project page if you want to find out more about what it took to make this idea real.