New Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Drops


With the new Ridley Scott Alien movie being released this week in cinemas it isn’t a surprise that a new full Blade Runner 2049 trailer was released today.

Blade Runner 2049 is a continuation of the awesome 1982 Harrison Ford/Ridley Scott film (Yay! No Reboot!) set in a future where synthetic androids are almost indistinguishable from humans and a task force exists to ensure Asimov’s rules of robotics are enforced.

The movie release is still a few months away and we did get some sneak movie posters last week to enjoy, but what do you think?

Are you looking forward to this continuation of Deckard’s story? Are you more looking forward to Ryan Gosling in some more Sci-Fi type roles? Tell us in the comments down below!

Blade Runner 2049 is in Cinemas Australia Wide from October 5 this year.