Creator Spotlight: 5 Questions with Stephen from 1-Up Arcade Brisbane


This week’s creator spotlights we talk to someone with a room full of arcade machines but never enough time to play them as he gears up for the grand opening of the 1-Up Arcade. So take 5 and learn a little more about Stephen Holmes, the mind behind Australia’s largest Freeplay Retro Gaming Arcade opening in Brisbane this weekend.

What are you playing right now? OK, this is the sad part… I’m launching the largest retro arcade in the country and yet I haven’t had the chance to play any games. Honestly!
I did play one round of ‘Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition’ last week while testing that machine, so I guess that would count as the last game played. I am SOOOO looking forward to being able to play some arcade games after the launch on Saturday.

Who or what is 1UP arcade? How is it different? 1UP Arcade is similar, yet different. In one sense, it’s a recreation of the great video game arcades from the 80’s and 90’s. However, we want to do things differently this time around – so we have a few surprises up our sleeves 😉

1UP Arcade is partly a living museum, with a focus on preserving and restoring ageing arcade games and hardware so everyone can enjoy them. We have a large on-site workshop and full-time servicing staff.

The other side of 1UP is that it’s a community venue. We want to build a community of passionate arcade lovers, both new and old to the games, where people can meet and share their passion. There’s currently no public spaces to do this, and with so many neglected arcade machines sitting in ‘man caves’, we want to see those machines out in public, enjoyed by all the way they were meant to be. We see 1UP as an arcade for everyone, where your membership is used to support the growth and preservation of these great games.

Apart from your arcade what should everyone be looking out for in local Australian pop culture? Retro revivals I’m guessing. I’m expecting a new wave of movies and merchandise based on the things we grew up with. Like Voltron, The Mysterious Cities of Gold and Animaniacs. I even heard that there’s a Monkey Magic movie on the way…

Major Prediction in Pop Culture 12 months from now? More arcades/barcades opening around the country… and VR gaming still not catching on in a big way.

Best last thing you ate? I’m too busy to eat… But I believe it was sushi (grilled salmon and prawn gyoza – yum!)

And that is 5! If you are in Brisbane you can get to the 1-Up Arcade this weekend for its grand opening. Day passes are available but we think that lifetime membership is probably going to get more of a workout than your lifetime gym one.