Why You Should Be Reading Injustice


What is it?

Injustice is a comic/video game tie-in. Yes, traditionally those do suck but Tom Taylor has managed to create an engaging series with well-known characters of the DCU (such as fan favourites Harley & Green Arrow) into a multi-year spanning Elseworlds (DC’s previous term of alternate universe stories) series.

The basic concept for most Elseworld titles is that it is exactly the same as the DC Universe you have come to love and know except for one small change. In this world, Superman reigns as the supreme dictator of the world with the superhero community divided into his supporter and the resistance. The catalyst being the day the Joker destroyed all of Metropolis with a warhead, killing Lois and then Superman killing the Joker.

Wait, What?

Yes, Superman killed the Joker. We are only telling you this because it’s not really a spoiler but the first few minutes of the Injustice game. A Superman gone rogue is not a new concept, From Superman III to Mark Waid’s Irredeemable the subject has come up before but definitely not with this much depth within the DCU.

The events that followed are basically DC’s World War vs Marvel’s Civil War. Superman assumes full control including at the government level in the type of totalitarian state that Lex Luthor always warned about with Batman opposing leading resistance forces to depose him.

The only major difference we can tell you between the game and the series is that in the game, heroes from this universe jump to the mainstream DC to get assistance from their interdimensional counterparts (so Superman vs Superman). While in the comic that never happened and we see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

How do I get into it?

Injustice originally hit Comixology in January 2013 before the game launched in April. While the first few issues were digital only they quickly made their way into stores. The series has been going strong since then with Year One through to Five editions available in most stores.

Also this week, May 4th, and coinciding with the new impending Injustice game release, Injustice 2 #1 will hit comic stores in print format having already been released in digital/ComiXology a few weeks ago.

Get it if you like…

What if/Elseworlds stories, Video Games, you have ever had the ‘Batman can’t beat up Superman’ debate or if you don’t understand why it’s called the Arrowcave.