Unbreakable Sequel Confirmed with Official Date


Think what you will about M. Night Shyamalan but no one can argue that his 2000 Superhero film Unbreakable was the superhero movie we never knew we always wanted and overnight M. Night dropped a tweet to confirm the sequel it’s happening.

Titled ‘Glass’ the sequel is slated for worldwide release on January 18, 2019 (or Jan 17 for AU) by Universal Studios again with M. Night taking the reigns.

We don’t have the best information right now outside of the tweets overnight but we do have confirmation that both Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis will be returning to their Unbreakable roles. What will probably throw most is that they are not the only ones to return to M. Night roles, with James McAvoy and Anya Taylor Joy will reprise their roles from Split in the same film.

Yes, you read that right. Split and Unbreakable take place in the same universe.

Like we said no more details are known at this point with M. Night tweeting that he only just finished the script, but the shared M. Night Universe does have us blown away with what this might mean. We need to know more but we might be waiting til 2019 to find out.

But what do you think? Are all of M. Night’s movies joined? Do they occur in the right order? Is Bruce Willis already dead? Should it be called the Shyamalaverse? Tell us in the comments down below.