What’s On: Apr 26 – Apr 30


From Pinball to International Tabletop Day to the final GX Australia, the week might be short but you aren’t short on things to do.


Warming you up for International Tabletop Day this weekend the Reload Bar in Canberra is hosting it’s monthly Social Deception Night. If you want to meet new people + learn some new games head over for some $5 pizza and beer specials.

If you are a master of flippers and in Sydney, the Pinball HQ in Coogie Diggers is hosting their weekly Pinball Tournament. While there is no registration required all points accumulated as part of the tournament will go towards your 2017 score to qualify for the end of year final.


Starting Thursday and running until Monday with nightly performances in Sydney, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra will be performing to accompany a screening of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The full movie will be screened in all its wizarding glory with the live orchestra playing the John William’s soundtrack. You might have heard ‘You’re a wizard Harry’ more times than you can count but you haven’t heard it like this.

Continuing with the Harry Potter theme in Perth, if you feel like you aren’t getting enough exercise the Edith Cowan University is hosting an impromptu game of Quidditch. BYO Flying Brooksticks.


If you are in Melbourne, Supanova Melbourne runs until Sunday offering a plethora of guests from comic, tv and screen continuing their tour from Supanova Gold Coast last weekend. This year Supanova also boasts a slightly newer format with an additional focus on Twitch and e-Sports so if those are your thing you may want to check it out.

A little further out at Ballarat for the undead fans the medieval Kryal Castle will suffer a Zombie Outbreak. This 16+ event promises a bevvy of Zombie related activities and canapes to go with it’s per head ticket price.

Over in Perth Respawn is playing matchmaker with a Mario Kart party for anyone looking for their player two. Full details are on their event page but if you only play single player games maybe give this one a miss.

In selected Event Cinemas across the country In the House continues with a double feature of the original Robocop and the only movie that could challenge Guardians of the Galaxy for best soundtrack, Flash Gordon.


First up across the country and depending what time zone you want to celebrate it, visit your favourite local tabletop gaming store (or public library) to partake in International Tabletop Day. With too many events to list and almost every store having an even on either Saturday or Sunday, you won’t struggle to find someone for a friendly game of Munchkin.

In Brisbane, if you are looking for International Tabletop Day weekend plans, BrisCon runs for both Saturday and Sunday. If you are into games using dice, cards, roleplaying or boards you will find what you are into here.

Also in Brisbane, if you prefer real steel over pen and paper Medieval Horse Sports Australia are hosting a Saturday clinic before their Sunday Competition Day. If you love a little jousting or archery by horseback this is for you.

Just a little further south, also on Saturday, on the Gold Coast and wrapping up the Gold Coast International Film Festival you can catch the locally made Event Zero film premiere which also includes a cast Q&A afterwards.

If you are in Sydney and love all things Pop Culture you should get along to support Australia’s most inclusive con, GX Australia. Open all weekend this is the very last GX Australia in the current form so if you want to see more of these types of events in the future, best to show your support while you can.

Over in Adelaide if you want to support the Starlight Foundation while playing games and drinking gaming themed cocktails to musical acts and DJs over 4 stages then you probably need to go to SideQuest. Hosted by FutureSounds Adelaide and supported by EB Games you won’t find a better reason for Saturday night gaming.

If you aren’t in Adelaide and want to help another charity, PlayStation and Twitch are hosting a massive charity stream with dozens of streamers for Sony’s Youth Cancer Charity, ‘You Can’. The Twitch stream begins 9am AEST and any donation over $5 makes you eligible to win gaming/PlayStation prizes.


If Video Games are more your poison then the Shady Palm’s Video Game & Pop Culture Market in Brisbane might let you pick up that mint retro game you have been hunting. If you are after an original NES with Super Mario Bros. 3 best to get there before it opens as the early collector gets the Megadrive (not just because it happens to also be the same day as the Stone’s Corner Festival).

Also in Video Gaming and back in Canberra‘s Reload Bar the 2017 League of Legends Autumn Cup is a full day of LoL with up to 12 teams able to register for this one-day tournament. It is also open to all ages for anyone who wants to come and spectate.

And to wrap up your International Tabletop Day weekend, if you aren’t too busy at Supanova in Melbourne Buck Mulligans is hosting a Whiskey & Scrabble Tournament. Registration is recommended for the tournament which will consist of a few warm-up games before the formal elimination tournament begins.

Heading out or catching up? Did we miss anything? As always tell us in the comments below or maybe drop us a line