Movie Review – Colossal


For the longest time, humankind has wondered – what would the world be like if we existed in the timeline that had a movie with Anne Hathaway as a Kaiju with a drinking problem attacking South Korea. But finally, in the new film Colossal which released in Australian cinemas this week, we finally live the dream.

Colossal starts as a dark comedy with a less than sober Gloria (Hathaway) kicked out of her New York apartment by boyfriend Tim (Dan Stevens). Being completely broke and forced to move back to her hometown with the intent to turn her life around, the ‘pull your life together’ plan quickly takes a backseat as she scores a job at her childhood friend Oscar’s (Jason Sudeikis) bar.

After a particularly booze-filled night, Gloria wakes to worldwide news of a horrific attack on Seoul by a monster of unknown origin. As the attacks and news coverage continue Gloria determines that she is connected to the monster, controlling its every move.

This much you can probably get from the trailer and this movie does definitely deliver on that part of what we thought when walking into it. For an independent film, it has a big budget feel which is probably owing to Hathaway being attached very early on in the production. If you are looking for a dark comedy with giant monsters then this movie definitely delivers in the first half.

The second half does get a little dark. You are probably not going to watch another Kaiju film with the array of social issues woven into it. From love and love-lost, alcoholism, drug use, sex and self-hate in small-town America this movie is much deeper than the trailer probably gave you an idea about.

As an M-rated film, you weren’t really going to take kids to go see it but you probably
thought the rating was more about the Kaiju action sequences than ‘mature themes’.

As mentioned the quality and production of this movie is excellent with nothing about it feeling like it is your traditional independent film. The Kaiju action sequences are certainly not B-grade movie by any measure, but those act as just a side to the true movie with Hathaway and Sudeikis. I overall truly enjoyed this.

So should you see it? If you walk into this movie and expect Kong Skull Island, you will be disappointed. But this isn’t your typical Kaiju movie, it is its own thing taking a different slant on the genre. This is a great movie that you definitely should go see it while you can.

As an independent film carrying the ‘written and directed’ by stamp, you aren’t going to find it in all major cinemas but those that support independent film will definitely have it. Hunt down a cinema that is showing it and you won’t be disappointed.

Colossal opened across Australia April 13 in the cinemas listed below.

NSW: Palace Verona, Palace Norton St, Dendy Newtown, Event Cinemas George St, Ritz Cinema
ACT: Palace Electric, Dendy Canberra
VIC: Palace Balwyn, Palace Brighton Bay, Palace Como, Kino Cinemas, Cinema Nova, Sun Theatre Yarraville, Lido Cinemas, Classic Cinemas
SA: Palace Nova EastEnd
QLD: Palace Centro, Dendy Portside, New Farm Cinemas, Cineplex Balmoral
WA: Luna Leederville