Creator Spotlight: 5 Questions with the Game Boys


With all the shows on offer at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival it’s hard to pick which gets your valuable time, so we wanted to bring you more about the show with the longest name in the history of the Comedy Festival (probably):

Clash Battle Warlords Age of Candy Robots Royal Strike Kingdom Mobile Legends Saga

We are even giving away a double pass if you haven’t already entered. So why don’t you take a few and find out a little bit more about the show creators, The Game Boys Josh & Eden

What are you playing right now? We just can’t stop playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Nintendo has managed to create such an amazing open world game where absolutely everywhere you look there’s interesting and worthwhile things to explore.

The sense of discovery is just amazing, I’ve had no desire at all to look anything up online because I’ve enjoyed uncovering things for myself so much. We’ve actually recreated a live version of The Legend of Zelda in Virtual Reality for the show. I don’t want to give it away, so you’ll have to come along to experience it!

Who or what is the Clash Battle Warlords Age of Candy Robots Royal Strike Kingdom Mobile Legends Saga? This is a cheap marketing ploy to increase our search engine optimisation with popular keywords. But seriously, we’re taking aim at all the clones that pop up in the mobile gaming world that try and piggyback cheap knockoffs once a game becomes successful. It makes a bit more sense if you watch our trailer for the show, and then it makes even more sense once you’ve seen the show itself.

Apart from your show what should everyone be looking out for in local Australian shows? We’re at Tuxedo Cat, which has always been a kind of alternative hub for the festival. There’s also a rooftop bar, so it’s a cool place to hang out. There’s such an interesting range of shows on, and it’s always more varied than the usual stuff you’d see at the Town Hall.

We tend to prefer shows that aren’t just straight stand-up so keep an eye out for any character based stuff and shows with a narrative.

Major Prediction in Pop Culture 12 months from now? More reboots, more remasters, and more sequels. Both the film and gaming industries are becoming increasingly reliant on old franchises instead of creating original products. The reason is they can rely on the existing fanbase to just flock in and buy the next installment.

It’s why we have so many superhero films now. And why wouldn’t you just release another annual installment of a popular video game franchise that you know will sell millions, instead of taking the financial risk of developing a brand new game?

Best last thing you ate? Chicken nuggies from drive through last night after the show. A full run at Comedy Festival is terrible for your health.

And that’s 5! We are also giving away a double pass to see Josh & Eden but if you don’t want to risk missing out on their show you can still buy tickets.

Clash Battle Warlords Age of Candy Robots Royal Strike Kingdom Mobile Legends Saga is on from now until April 23rd at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.