Netflix drops Star Ratings for Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down


If you are someone who has anguished over whether to give something on Netflix 3 or 4 stars then the following may anger you. Netflix is dropping the 5 star rating system as of today.

In a press release from Netflix today they go on to explain that the rating system was always more of a matchmaking solution for suggesting content you may like (this is why you may see one rating but your friend would see another for the same program).

The new rating system which uses a Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down approach lets you indicate which content you like or not for Netflix to make recommendations. Using this and instead of seeing a star rating which historically was to suggest how much you might like something based off your other ratings from today you will see a Percentage match.

Will this remove the forever shame from that one time your cousin used your Netflix to watch the Smurf’s movie and you are constantly being recommended the sequel? Probably not, but it might encourage more people to rate movies more frequently and get better recommendations.

The new feature is available right now for Australia.


  1. hehe did they do this after so many 1 stars of Amy Schumer’s Leather Special 😛

    What I really want to know is? Will they still show us a red thumb up or down for what they think we’ll like … much like they did with the red stars?

    • Looks like you will get a percentage score only but it’s colour coded much like the Archer screenshot getting 98%

  2. I prefer the star system. Now its giving me a bunch of recommendations for stuff, and I have no idea if its any good or not. At least before if it had 1 or 2 stars I could skip straight past it.

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