What’s On: Apr 5 – Apr 9


Zombies on demand and also chasing you down in the middle of the night in addition to Rex Manning and Unicorn Days. Let’s jump into it!


Let’s start with Zombies as iZombie Season 3 kicks off on Stan Australia for a mid-week viewing party at your place.

Gran Turismo diehards will want to visit Bartronica in Melbourne for their Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec Tournament, if not for the bar tab you can win do it for the trophy.

If you live in Adelaide and always watch re-runs of Seinfeld as you feel it may come in use some day, Wednesday is your day with the Seinfeld Quiz Night at the Hackney.


First up, if you plan to stay in best to buy some Gummi Bears and some Scotch for Archer Season 8 starting on Foxtel.

Otherwise if Thursday night is date night then CHIPS hits Cinemas across the country.

If you were lucky enough to get tickets before it sold out, Brightside in Brisbane have a Black Books Trivia Night. No word on if there will be delicious coaster biscuits.

In Adelaide lovers of Horror Comics will like The Art of Dark Oz Comic Book Art Exhibition starts and runs until the 21st.

Anime fans in Adelaide & Melbourne probably already know about the screenings of A Silent Voice already but for those who don’t both Event Cinemas and the GU Film House have you covered in Adelaide with Hoyts on Swanson St screening in Melbourne.

And if you aren’t heading to the Royal Easter Show which kicks off on Thursday until the 19th, Sydney folk can demonstrate their dominance in all things Pop Culture with the Spawn Point Bar hosting a team based Pop Culture trivia night. It’s a pretty big field so choose your 5 person team… wisely.


Perth‘s Barcade Respawn is Relaunching with a Reboot Party. If you missed it before or just have never checked them out then there ain’t no party like a reboot party.

Continuing to Melbourne for anyone named Sam or Dean, you may want to get to the Beta Bar for their Supernatural night with cheaper entry for cosplayers.

Also in Melbourne on Friday and continuing on Saturday the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra will be accompanying a montage of Pixar movies to hit you right in the feels.

And lastly in Brisbane you can catch the ‘Citizen Kane of Bad Movies’ with the Room. If you haven’t picked up tickets you can still enter to win a double pass we are giving away.


Happy Rex Manning Day!

If you feel the problem with getting regular exercise is that you aren’t running for your life then Zombie Dash is hosting their Central Coast 2017 event to let you enjoy a nice casual run while being pursued by Zombies in the dead of night.

We mentioned it last week so you could grab tickets but this week the Adult Easter Egg Hunt in on in Brisbane. No not that sort of adult, but an Easter Egg themed scavenger hunt across Brisbane.

Also in Brisbane, if you are sick of Barcades can we interest you in a gaming cafe? Cafe de SOYT opens with comics, arcades, gaming consoles and food trucks.

If you aren’t full of coffee and cake then you can follow that up with Saccharomyces Beer Cafe in South Brisbane is host a Two Day Arcade Tournament. Saturday boasts Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat competitions with Sunday promising classic arcade games.

Also in Queensland CapriCon 2017 is Rockhampton‘s own Steampunk, Pop Culture, Cosplay Convention and it’s on for one day only this Saturday.


Clearly you have plans for Unicorn Day but in case you don’t there are just a couple of things..

In Brisbane the Two Bit Movie Club season continues at Netherworld with a Deathrace 2000/Death Sport double feature at Netherworld hosted by Ben McLeay of SBS Comedy.

Lovers of Takeshi’s Castle in Perth will probably want to get in on the ROC Race tickets are still available for this obstacle course race which is a must for anyone who claims to be Batman.

And lastly Lady Comic Lovers in Adelaide (that’s lovers of comics who are ladies not lovers of lady comics) can join the Adelaide Ladies Comic Club April Monthly meet at Greenlight Comics.

Heading out or catching up? Did we miss anything? As always tell us in the comments below or maybe drop us a line