Boruto – The Next Generation of Ninjas are Here


After an astounding 73 volumes of manga, Naruto’s english release finally came to an end last year. The series was an enormous success, so it came as little surprise when a continuation of the beloved series was announced.

This continuation comes in the form of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, which follows Naruto’s son Boruto in his journey to become even stronger than his father, and features appearances by many of the original series most beloved characters, as well as the fresh faces of the new generation.

While original series creator Masashi Kishimoto is only in a supervisory role for Boruto, the sequel manga is still in good hands. Ukyo Kodachi, who worked with Kishimoto on the Boruto animated film, is in charge of the script, while the artist is Mikio Ikemoto, who worked for years as one of Kishimoto’s assistants on Naruto.

If you haven’t already picked up the first volume of Boruto it is still available in stores.