Why you should be watching Preacher


What is it?

Based on the comic series by Garth Ennis (Hellblazer, Hitman, Punisher, Judge Dredd) and Steve Dillon (Hellblazer, The Punisher) by the same name, Preacher is the small screen adaption for the same US network who brought us the Walking Dead directed by Seth Rogen (Freaks and Geeks, Pineapple Express, The Green Hornet & The Interview).

The original series had 66 issues between 1995 and 2000 published by Vertigo, DC’s more hardcore mature imprint, following Jesse Custer a preacher in a small town of Annville, Texas.

The TV adaption brings us Jesse, a guy with a checkered violent past that he has left behind, who has returned home to take over his late father’s church. Looking to make amends for past misdeeds but left with a struggling church, Jesse finds himself doubting his commitment before he is literally knocked flat on his back and left what what he thinks is a power from God.

Wait, What?

Yeah, well no. Sort of. This isn’t a bible school tale from the team behind John Constantine and one of the most violent Frank Castle runs known to date.

The power that Jesse receives is that to command others as if he spoke the “word of god” and after a short adjustment period he goes forth using it to right the wrongs confessed to him. This might have all the makings of a sitcom except for Jesse’s commands being taken a little too literally which in some cases ends badly before the Angels show up.

Oh yes, there are Angels. You see Jesse’s power isn’t from God but rather an escaped Demon/Angel which has the potential for igniting an apocalypse on a biblical scale. Jesse (Dominic Cooper) isn’t alone in this with his ex partner/ex ex Tulip (Ruth Negga) also following him back to Annville to lure him on one more big score and the Irish Vampire/best friend Cassidy (Joe Gilgun).

How do I get into it?

Right now Season One has already finished but you can catch it streaming in Australia on Stan for the full 10 episodes. The big news is Season Two (13 episodes) just had it’s date confirmed for June 20 June 26 also on Stan Australia, 5 days before the US where it starts June 25.

If you want to go right back to the source you can also pickup trade paperback editions of most of the comic series from your favourite local comic store.

For those who have already seen Season One then you can checkout the teaser trailer here:

Watch it if you like…

Angels vs Demons, Black Shirts, Former Bank Robbers, People named Tulip or Alcoholic Irish Vampires