Xbox One Update Incoming: BEAM, Co-pilot Controllers and More


You might be focused on the impending Destiny 2 announcement, so it’s understandable that the new Xbox One update may have flown under your radar.

Available for all Australian Xbox users now, the update has a number of features that we knew were incoming but it is still a good update overall with a number of new features (and not just stability improvements) included. Some of the highlights are:

  • Support for BEAM – Twitch and YouTube may currently be reigning streaming champions but the new update includes a native BEAM app for streaming. We knew this was incoming between Microsoft’s acquisition of BEAM & beta users earlier this year
  • Updated Guide & Navigation Improvements – Most frequently used applications will now be brought to the top. Icons are smaller and the overall interface is optimised for speed and to improve performance. This also includes easier access to DVR options for game recording
  • Multitasking Improvements – Particularly useful for Achievement Hunters the way multitasking is also improved to give you the ability to track multiple achievement progress as an overlay while in your game
  • Co-pilot – For the more complicated games the new update allows 2 controllers to work as one. The idea being here that a second player can help with the more finger gymnastic intensive games
  • Game Play Timers – Ever sit down for a quick 5 minute game and then wonder why it’s dark out when you finish? The new update also includes a game play timer, not to tell you how long you have been playing for but to limit how long you can play for. Aimed towards families this might be helpful if you keep running late to work due to the new Dark Souls III DLC
  • Blu-ray Audio Decoding – Additional options have been added to the Bluray audio decoding as well with more options coming in this update and then to be enabled later this week

You can checkout the full update walk-through video from Xbox below: