What’s On: Mar 22 – Mar 26


Hello Residents of Universe C-137, welcome back to your weekly grab of what is on this weekend. There is a lot of science’ing happening this week so let’s follow the path of the one true Morty and get into it.


First up we have to say the World Science Festival kicks off in Brisbane and runs til Sunday. There is a whole lot of stuff going on for it, so to quote Samuel L Jackson in Jurassic Park – “Hold on to your Butts

Leading off in Brisbane for the 2017 World Science Festival Brisbane, if you are quick you can pickup tickets to watch Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey with music the performed live by Queensland Symphony Orchestra with The Australian Voices choir. There is also another performance on Thursday.

Also in Brisbane for the World Science Festival you can remember the original Alien before seeing the new movie coming out soon (or Sigourney Weaver in the Defenders) or Gattaca.

Sorry, Rick here. All right, all right, cool it! I see what’s happening here. I can fix this. Sit here, I have something for you. The Rick & Morty Appreciation Art Show at Scratch bar in Brisbane *burp* jeeze what’s with all the Brisbane. OK now get back to what you were reading before, I have to figure out how to get these seeds through intergalactic customs.

Stepping away to Melbourne now you can play the original Tekken Arcade vs. your mates or Melbourne’s best original Tekken heroes at Bartronica Melbourne playing for your families honour… or some prizes. You know, whatever.

If you are in Sydney and a fan of houses with balloons attached Pop-Up Pictures in UNSW is screening Pixar’s Up! in an outdoor cinema.


Across the country in Cinemas Beauty and the Beast + The Power Rangers both hit cinemas

If you feel that normal pub trivia nights are just too damn easy then back in Brisbane the Science Festival has a World Science Festival Trivia night. Polymaths are encouraged.

In Sydney – If you are super into the original Stargate mostly for the egyptology, you may want to check out Stranger Things Down Under: Egyptian Mummies on at the Powerhouse Museum.

And to top things off at our favourite Canberra based Barcade, the Reload Bar & Games is hosting a Mario Kart Tournament.


In Brisbane, if you are in love with the Rocky Horror Picture Show, you are either going to be extremely happy and excited… or more likely full of FOMO because it is SOLD OUT!

Also in Brisbane with the World Science Festival you can catch E.T. and for you Bill Paxton lovers, Aliens.

If you are in Melbourne and just have no place to wear that Tim Burton themed cosplay then the Beta Bar has you covered with a Tim Burton Night.

If you into Heartstone & eSports ESL will be broadcasting the Telstra Heartstone UEL Preliminary finals on Friday no matter where you are.

Lastly in Perth, Play VR is an event bringing HTC VIVE program manager direct from Taiwan with a special VR night planned.


While you are over in Perth, Oz Comic-Con hits for 2 days finishing Sunday in the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre for all your Cosplay, Comic and Celebrities photobombing needs.

Also in Perth the Respawn bar is hosting a after OzComicCon after party on Saturday night with signature cocktails, cosplay comps and complimenary 3DS/Nintendo Switch charging points.

If you are a Nintendo Switch owner who loved Splatoon then this weekend starting Saturday you can try out Splatoon 2 for free! All weekend long.

Also in gaming the PwC League of Legends UEL Preliminary Finals broadcast will be hosted again by ESL.

In Sydney the Spawn Point Bar brings you another chance at some Halo 2 Doubles if you missed out last week.

Closer to Melbourne the Maneki Neko Cat Rescue invites you to join host Rob Lloyd at The Eureka Hotel for an evening of Doctor Who trivia, so allons y to that.

In Toowoomba the dead walk for the annual Zombie Walk Toowoomba back for 2017.

If you are in Adelaide and want to see some Robot on Robot action the Adelaide Antweight Cup is on this weekend (you can even hire a loan bot!). Expect to hear more coverage from the world of robot fight clubs around Australia in the coming weeks.

And back with the Brisbane World Science Festival you can catch Interstellar and easily one of the top 5 all time best Time Travel movies Primer.

Lastly in Brisbane on Saturday and Sunday as part of Netherworld’s Arcade Armageddon there is a Donkey Kong masterclass (with a Galaga masterclass the following day).

Also dont forget that Saturday night is Earth Hour for Australia. Sorry, I dont know where we stand on mobile devices, probably maybe just pickup a book just in case.


One of our favourite days of the year, Make Up Your Own Holiday Day is a chance to throw away the rule book and celebrate however you like! We suggest something involving jumping castles.

In Brisbane, the World Science Festival Films bring us The Man Who Fell to Earth and Moon.

LEGO Batman is finally here! Well not for everyone yet but you can catch some family day previews around the country if you are near Stafford or Redcliffe in Brisbane, Hornsby in Sydney, and Craigieburn or Chadstone in Melbourne.

Lastly, we know Neko Nation Brisbane was scheduled Sunday but it has been announced that all Neko Nation events Australia wide have been delayed to 2018. Probably worth breaking out that Sharpie if you have one of our charity Pop Culture guides.

*Phew* how’s that? Did we miss anything? As always tell us in the comments below or maybe drop us a line