2016 Australian Toy Fair – Part Three: Everything Else


1. Tonka Tough

Welcome to our final day of Australian Toy Fair (check out Part One and Part Two here). Previously we were all about the Anime & Funko today… we give you a tour of everything else.

2. Life Sized Star Wars

Even though Hasbro were inside, it didn’t stop a few 1:1 displays being placed conveniently in the entry.

3. Some Assembly Required

Tamika had a nice range of models on display, we really liked the look of that jet.

4. LEGO Accessories

We have seen these LEGO LED flashlights before but for some reason we don’t own that R2-D2 one yet.

5. Instagram to Batman

Super Hero accessories were also on offer with Batman Lights, Laptop Decals and a very sweet looking backpack.

6. More DC than you can throw a Batarang at

A lot of the Superhero stuff we saw was DC related. While there were definitely Marvel Funko Pops (go checkout Part Two) the only other Marvel merch that we can share are some doormats. Although we wouldn’t say no to someone getting us that Harley Quinn one.

7. Hey Kids! Gumby!

Yes Gumby. There are definitely a few old favourites that were on offer but clearly more targeted towards collectors then a younger demographic we feel.

8. Popeye Too

Oh yes, and Popeye. Perfect for that Gumby vs. Popeye stop motion movie you have been working on.

9. Pottermore

If classic collectables aren’t your jam a nice selection of Potter related accessories were on display if you need to show off your house #RavenClawFTW

10. Life Finds a Way

While the Jurrassic World sequel/Jurassic Park 5 is still a year away, dinosaurs never go out of style.

11. Drones Drones Drones

Drones are again on offer though we secretly suspect we will see more in the racing variety in the year to come.

12. I am one with the Force merch and the Force merch is one with Me

While we weren’t allowed to share much of what we saw in the Hasbro booth we still did see a few pieces about. Expect to see most of the new Star Wars merch appear on Force Friday later in the year.

13. Bay Turtles

Even though we talked about Anime in part one, we did see these pair of Michael Bay Ninja Turtles on display.

14. Power Rangers vs Ninja Turtles

The Ninja Turtle statues were no where near as cool as these large standees that sadly were only for display purposes.

15. Red Ranger

Even with the entire series of Power Rangers playing on Twitch right now, you may also need this Red Ranger helmet for your shelf.

16. Godzilla vs.

Classic Godzilla was on display too. We haven’t seen Kong yet, but we know it’s suppose to tie into the same movie universe for a Kong vs Godzilla future.

17. Red Shell

We also quite liked this Mario Kart, mostly because it reminded us we will be able to pickup Mario Kart 8 for the Switch at the end of next month.

18. For those who don’t like sleep

Alien Covenant is out soon but for those who do not enjoy closing their eyes can pickup this 1:1 scale facehugger and egg.

19. Concept Art

Also available was some classic concept art. We have seen these before as part of Lucasarts concept art books but it would be great to see a collection of movie concept art in this scale.

20. More Posters

The Star Wars concept art wasn’t the only art we saw at the Toy Fair.

21. Finally, LEGO

We weren’t able to photograph much in the LEGO booth however with the new LEGO flagship store in Australia we are hoping to get a much better line on what is coming up next.

22. The Lego Ninjago Movie

We did manage to get one quick picture in of the guardian of the LEGO booth and some of the items on display in the background if you can sneak a peek. Not surprising given the LEGO Ninjago Movie trailer has already dropped as the next LEGO Movie after LEGO Batman at the end of this month.

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed our quick tour of the Toy Retailer Fair from last week in Melbourne, and that you will come back and check regularly as we try to bring you the latest news on collectables in and for Australia.