2016 Australian Toy Fair – Part Two: Funko Pops


1. You’re a Pop Harry

We already gave you a taste of our insider look from the Australian Toy Retailer Trade show in Melbourne yesterday (check it out here). Today we bring you Part Two of Three of our series, with enough Pops to satisfy the most hardcore Funko addict… at least for a little bit.

2. GoTG2 to Silicon Valley to Ren & Stimpy

We spent more than a little time with the Australian Funko Distributor iKON about the current and upcoming Pops. While we knew of some of them already it was still good to see them in person before they hit shelves over the next 3 months.

3. Upcoming Disney

Not due til April we did get our hands on a closer look at the Remy Pop from Ratatouille

4. Ponies, Turtles and Adventure Time

Be honest, you are looking for a Applejack chase Pony too.

5. Star Wars vs Game of Thrones

Sadly no Star Wars Rebels but the pretty sure that Ewok could take every other Pop on this stand in a fight.

6. All the Princesses

There was so much Disney, some being franchises already released while others like Beauty in the Beast coming soon.

7. Things that go Pop in the Night

As you would expect we found all the Pops of things that have given you nightmares above the Princesses.

8. Do Not Pop After Midnight

Including a Gizmo and Gremlin Pop. We saw no warnings about opening after midnight.

9. Something Old, Something New

As we mentioned not everything we saw was brand new, but we did see some favourites. Hello Doctor.

10. Go Go Power Funko

If you need some Movie Power Rangers to go with the TV series ones then that was catered for too. But we must of missed out on the the Son of Zorn Pops.

11. Beauty and the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen

The full range of new Beauty and the Beast Pops were on display with the remainder of the Silicon Valley ones.

12. The Cat in the Pop

Dr Suess and Resident Evil 7 go together right?

13. Come on and Jam

We quickly got over the lack of Lola Bunny from Space Jam for the Mass Effect Andromeda Pops when we remembered the game comes out next week.

14. Still some surprises

As you can see there was a mixture but we did at least see the one Wonder Woman Pop which hits in April plus some Stranger Things and one for the upcoming Ghost in the Shell.


Now that we distracted you, can you find the other Stranger Things kids?

16. Hoff vs Kurt Russel

You saw some GoTG2 figures earlier but obviously you need the Baywatch one for your all Hoff based Pop collection (now we just need a Knight Rider Pop ride)

17. Group Shot

Yeah there were a lot of Pops, hopefully you saw some that you have been hanging out for. But don’t worry these aren’t that far away from Australian stores now.

18. Stranger Pops

Oh yes, before we leave you we didn’t forget about Eleven. Though we are a little disappointed the Demogorgon isn’t upside down in the box. Check back tomorrow for the last part of our tour of the Toy Fair with everything else we were allowed to show you.