2016 Australian Toy Fair – Part One: Anime


1. Anime Invasion

Last week we got a special invite inside the not for public Australian Toy Retailers Trade Show in Melbourne and we sent a special correspondent to get some shots of the Toys and Collectables we expect to see in the next few months. This is part one of our three part photo gallery and we start it with Anime.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for part two of our photo gallery if you are a fan of Funko.

2. Dragon Ball

We saw a lot of Dragon Ball on display with a series of statues.

3. More Dragon Ball

Seriously there were a lot of Dragon Ball.

4. Are you into Dragon Ball?

So much Dragon Ball with statues from all series.

5. Probably Not Great for your Desk at Work

While super detailed and high quality makes, these are probably more for your home collection than your office.

6. Not just statues

While the majority was statues there were still some non-statue things to be seen.

7. Animation Marionette

While not used for the actual production of animation on the show, we were pretty impressed with these detailed reference pieces of characters.

8. Video Game Too

Some other characters were also available, with our eyes drawn to that excellent Mega Man figure in the middle.

9. Miku &Sailor Scouts

It wasn’t just Dragon Ball Z but there was definitely a mix of more commonly known characters, like Sailor Scouts, and some lesser known too like Hatsune Miku

10. One Piece and More

Like we said it wasn’t limited to Dragon Ball (although there was a LOT of Dragon Ball). You are absolutely going to see some more Anime collectables in stores this year.

11. Action Figures

Offerings were not limited to collectable statues with Action Figures with a serious amount of articulation shown.

12. Hadouken

Mini Figure Status were also a on offer across multiple franchises but these Street Fighter ones are a must have for any Chun-Li fans who can perform more special moves then just the button mash kick.

That’s it for Part One! Check back tomorrow for Part Two, if you like Pops…