PS4 Firmware 4.5 Incoming (and for PSVR too)

Source: Sony/Playstation

Very soon On Thursday the 9th from 10am AEST onward (midnight GMT on the 9th for the UK) we are getting a new 4.5 Firmware update for the PS4 and a 2.4 Firmware update for the PSVR as confirmed for Australia with PlayStation Support directly.

Update – Speaking again with PlayStation again at 1700 AEST the Update has been delayed for Australia due technical issues, with no specific time given for the release but it is expected soon.

Update 2 – As of 1930 AEST some users in Australia are starting to see the updates come through. If you aren’t getting it automatically, you can go to your system settings and force a check (or wait).

While we wont go into all the update features here are a few we are excited about, on the PS4:

  • External HDD Support for storage
  • Voice Chat support on Remote Play
  • Custom Wallpaper
  • And, Boost Mode for the PS4 Pro

And on the PSVR:

  • Improvements to the Cinema Mode, going from 90Hz to 120Hz
  • 3D Movie Support

There are also a series of updates to allow better functionality through external apps such as the PS messenger app. While not 100% what that means we are hoping that some developer is going to take advantage of it (and it does more than just let you check if the PSN is up or down… but it will be able to do that too now).

If you are interested in the full release notes you can check them off the Playstation EU blog as the most comprehensive and full list (until you get the update yourself).