What’s On: Mar 8 – Mar 13


Way too much time on your hands this weekend? Let us fix that for you with what is going on around Australia.

First, Happy International Womens Day!

If you are in Brisbane you can watch the best worst B-Movies Mystery Science Theatre 3000 style with Comedy Commentary Cinema in Brisbane at the Milk Factory. We are even giving away some free tickets if you are quick or find out how to get tickets via the event page.

Alternatively if you are in Melbourne and have always wondered when your original Playstation skills will finally pay off Bartronica are hosting a Crash Bandicot Team Racing Tournament with a $100 bar tab to be won.

Kong: Skull Island hits Cinemas around the country for anyone who wanted to see Captain Marvel, Nick Fury and Loki fight King Kong.

Also if you are a bit peckish after that and in Brisbane – Super Combo Brisbane, a Street Fighter Themed Burger Joint opens in Brisbane.

If you don’t like Monkies and Burgers in Sydney Event Cinemas George Street are screening the original Blade Runner on the big screen. You can pickup tickets from the Event Cinemas website.

Update – Also in Sydney you can catch the first weekend of the MonsterFest Travelling Sideshow for 4 days of movies for the horror lovers out there. Checkout the site for the full schedule for Sydney.

For those who miss the Hellmouth Junky Comics in Brisbane again are hosting the Welcome to Sunnydale Buffy Art Show starting on Friday the 10th and running until the 30th with opening night including drinks if you need extra motivation.

Adventure Time Live kicks off it’s 3 day tour starting in Melbourne on Friday, Sydney on Saturday and Brisbane on Sunday. If you just said Oh My Glob then you can still grab some tickets. Pretty appropriate considering Friday is also International Day of Awesomeness.

Sadly in Brisbane the Ice Cream Festival is on. This is a sold out event with only 1800 tickets being release. Many Bothans died trying to get us some tickets for you, but with such interest we hope it goes well and there will be a sequel.

Also in Brisbane ‘s Netherworld Barcade a special screening of ‘The Wizard’ will be playing to accompany the Super Mario Bros. 3 competition to win an original Powerglove. To make more of an event of it Kaiju Beer has brewed a special limited edition ‘Savage Wizard Beer’ for the occasion and every participant in the tournament gets a special enamel pin designed by Moonshine Madeness.

Update – Also by the MonsterFest team but over in Perth, there is the Horror for the Homeless 6 horror movie marathon to raise money for the Perth-based homeless agency, Youth Futures.

Starting Sunday and continuing over to Monday (for the long weekend) if you are in Melbourne and cant help saying the word ‘Doughnut’ like Homer Simpson, then the Beer & Donut Festival is on.

Also in Victoria the Bendigo Record, Comic and Toy Fair is on which boasts over 100 tables worth of Pop Culture’y goodness.

Meanwhile in Canberra the Reload Bar is hosting a Street Fighter V tournament for all you button mashers out there.

And Lastly again in Brisbane, Netherworld is holding a double feature of Stallone with Cobra followed by Over the Top. Hosted by Ben McLeay for Two Bit Movie Club

We don’t mind if you have to come back and read that again. Did we miss anything? Tell us in the comments below or drop us a tip via social media