Why you should be watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

AoS Season One: Daisy, Simmons, Fitz, Coulson, May and Ward

What is it?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (AoS) is the ongoing TV series centred around a team within the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistic Division group who first mentioned with Agent Coulson appearing in Iron Man. Coulson appeared in all MCU movies up to the Avengers as the Marvel version of the Men in Black.

Currently in it’s 4th season begins shortly after the first Avengers movie and to be honest had a pretty rocky start with great ratings, then not so great ratings. Then came Captain America: Winter Solider which turned the MCU upside down.

AoS is sort of the what is happening in the rest of the world while the MCU is going on. Tie- ins from the movies to the show appear as the movies were/are released. The most recent season being influenced by Doctor Strange, lead to the appearance of The Ghost Rider.

Wait, What?

MCU viewing order by Flaminio.com

Yes, Ghost Rider – though not the Nicolas Cage version which was the first live action version to be seen. This Ghost Rider is more recent Robbie Reyes. AoS is not without some drawcards. While you might not see a Thor, Iron Man or Hulk you do get a Sif, Dethlok or an Absorbing Man.

MCU mastermind Kevin Feige has said the TV MCU will not cross over into the Movie MCU, the impacts of the Movie-verse definitely impact the TV-verse. Individual episodes following the release of major MCU movies directly refer events in the movies and each season having ties to what is going on in the movie universe as a theme.

Early in the show major plot lines related to Chitauri and Hydra as driven out of the events in Avengers and Captain America. This followed as a trend with each subsequent season influenced by what is happening in the MCU.

AoS also has a plot line across all seasons relating to the Inhumans. While this originally was planned to tie into the Inhumans movie as part of the original MCU phases announced, we now know that the movie is no more but there will be an Inhumans mini-series later this year with AoS expected to lead straight into that.

How do I get into it?

We are currently in Season 4, midway depending how you watch it. You can catch Seasons 1-3 in full either by picking them up on DVD/Bluray or purchasing through iTunes/Google Play/Playstation Store.

For bonus points you can watch AoS as it ties into the MCU chronologically including all movies and netflix series there are multiple sources but Flaminio.com has the honor of being the most up to date version we have found (even if parts of Thor are set before Agent Carter).

Season 4 already underway in the US can also be purchased through streaming or you can watch Agents of Shield Season 4 on 7Flix starting the 7th of March for Australia (previous seasons were on Channel 7).

Watch it if you like…

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