What’s On: Feb 22 – Feb 26

Whats on this weekend blood bowl japanese festival medival combat

Remember how we said February was the quiet month? Looks like you might be able to put your feet up this weekend but that’s not to say there isn’t still stuff on to do!

Before we get to the rest of the week, tonight at Bartronica in Melbourne has a Nintendo 64 Goldeneye comp tonight for anyone who feels like everything they do in life comes too easily

If table top is your thing you can play some Friday Night Blood Bowl In Brisbane at The Magic Vault as part of the worldwide Blitzmania Blood Bowl League

For those in Adelaide you probably know what you are doing for the next month because the Adelaide Fringe Festival has kicked off with lots to do, including a very limited something Mortal Kombat themed (for those old enough) by Bazinga Burlesque who are known for some Pop Culture related performances. You can checkout tickets and the full program on the Fringe Festival site

If you are near Ballarat, played waaaaay too much For Honor in the last week and are all about sword on sword action Kryal Castle is hosting some Historical Medieval Combat

Alternatively if you are closer to Stanthorpe you can checkout the 2nd Annual Australian National Busking Competition (yes that’s a thing). It goes without saying anyone who performs the Zelda theme would be a shoe in but you know the politics of these things

The Melbourne Japanese Summer Festival is on. While celebrating all things Japanese, there is also Anime & a Cosplay Comp with prizes