Han Solo: A Star Wars Story starts Filming

Original Han Solo Day One Shooting Cast Picture

Han Solo has officially started filming with this shot being put out by starwars.com today.

IMDB doesn’t help in knowing who everyone is playing yet, but here is a handy overlay to help YOU know the ones we do know on the pic.

Directed by the guys who brought you the Lego Movie + 22 Jump Street means we might see a type of Star Wars with a slightly different tone to the main Skywalker story. Don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up by saying Caravan of Courage, but Caravan of Courage.

What do you hope to see? The Kessel Run? Why Fett hates him so much? What Chewie actually keeps in his Bandoleer? We bet it’s Wookie treats. We are in prime rumour territory so have at it!

Australia will get Han Solo as part of the World Wide Release in late 2018