This Week in Games: Jan 8 – 13


Welcome to 2018 and everything in games this week! A lot of the big distributors might be holding off releases for another week but we are bringing you everything Steam has to offer. But before we get down to the biscuits, here is your highlights:

Starting off in VR via Steam Westard is a Western to remind you that we are getting another Red Dead game this year! This simple multiplayer lets you break in or out of jail, have a showdown at high noon and just about all the other things to get your 2018 started!

Friday we continue with our run of Steam gaming with two side scrolling games. Heads Run is a side scrolling green screen like platformer which makes us wonder where we put our original gameboy. And Cosmonaut is a side scrolling horror platformer adventure which has those 16-bit vibes we love so much.

Saturday gives you two more gems from Steam with the simple and addictive platformer Jump Stop and the old school SCUMM Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest. Odysseus Kosmos might only be part one but we are looking forward to opening, closing, pushing and pulling our way through being sucked into a black hole while alone on an orbiting space station.

Honourable Mention: And our first honourable mention this year goes to the little bit creepy Mind Twins. With a graphic style reminding us of Limbo but with added coop, you will be able to pick this up on Steam this Saturday.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

Why Humble Bundle? Geek Society AU is now a HumbleBundle Partner, meaning you can help support our charity projects and just more for you when you buy games on PC! We only provide HumbleBundle links to our recommended games when available for purchase.

Blade Runner 9732 (Steam)
Quirky Crook (Steam)
Wuxing Master(TCG) (Steam)
Medieval Real Estate (Steam)

DynamixVR – D.R.I.L.L. (Steam VR)
The Evil Party (Steam)
Hitori (Steam)
Army of Tentacles: Cheat Mode (Steam)
VR Dunhuang (Steam VR)
COMPLEX a VR Puzzle Game (Steam)
Sky Is Arrows (Steam)
Math RTS (Steam)
Sacrament (Steam)
CPUCore :: Simple FPS Benchmark (Steam)
Swords and Sandals 5 Redux (Steam)

Memento of Spring (Steam)
Neckbears: Cuck Invaders (Steam)
Royal Casino: Video Poker (Steam)
Hangover (Steam)
Race (Steam)
My Coloring Book: Professions (Steam)
Light in the dark (Steam)
Last Berserker: Endless War (Steam)
Cally’s Caves 4 (Steam)
Beach Restaurant (Steam)
Royal Tumble (Steam)
Wauies – The Pet Shop Game (Steam)

Albert & Otto: The Adventure Begins (XB1)
Space Hulk: Ascension (XB1)
Westard (Steam VR)
Fantasy Quest Solitiare (Steam)
You Will Never Get This Achievement (Steam)
Transition to adulthood (Steam)
Sister’s Love (Steam)
I Love My Brother (Steam)
Among the Dead (Steam)
Animal Memory: Birds (Steam)
Golf Extreme (Steam)
Ship Ahoy Open BETA (Steam VR)
Upstasia (Steam)
A Raven Monologue (Steam)
Banyu Lintar Angin – Little Storm – (Steam)
Deck Casters (Steam)
Hero Plus (Steam)
Paradise Lost: FPS Cosmic Horror Game (Steam)
DYING: Reborn (Steam)
Bankster (Steam)
Rusty Lake Paradise (Steam)

ZoneDriver (Steam)
Nekomew’s Potty Trouble (Steam)
Twisted Enhanced Edition (Steam)
aMAZE Untouchable (Steam)
Galactic Battles (Steam)
Sit on bottle (Steam)
Only One (Steam)
Labirinto (Steam)
Till the dawn, waiting (Steam)
Abasralsa (Steam)
Bouncers (Steam)
Chinese inn (Steam)
Heads Run (Steam)
Flipped On (Steam)
LOGistICAL: USA – Wisconsin (Steam)
Sexy Serial Killer (Steam)
!4RC4NO1D! (Steam)
Sink or Swim (Steam)
Mortal Manor (Steam)
Namaste Virtual Yoga Retreat (Steam)
We Walked In Darkness (Steam)
A Collection of Bad Moments (Steam)

Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China (XB1)
Creatio Ex Nihilo: Aition (Steam)
Lamikazo VR (Steam VR)
Captured King (Steam)
Super Star Panda (Steam)
SnakEscape: Plus (Steam)
Knight Hunt (Steam)
The Knightfall (Steam)
12 Labours of Hercules VII: Fleecing the Fleece
Internal Light VR (Steam)
Animals Memory: Underwater Kingdom (Steam)
WEED (Steam)
Evolva (Steam)
Sea Dogs (Steam)
MIND TWINS – Twisted Co-op Platformer Adventure (Steam)
Choose Wisely (Steam)
Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest Episode 1 (Steam)
BlackShield: Upora Story (Steam)
Talk to Saki (Steam)
Heroes of Arzar (Steam)
Pixel Puzzles Ultimate – Puzzle Pack (Steam)
SupeTrucks Offroad (steam)


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